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bearcycle® combines fast-paced motorcycle racing with wacky platforming madness. Grind, grapple, and rocket your way through the story mode—or create your own custom levels & share them online!

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AuthorAlvarius Games
GenreRacing, Platformer, Sports
Tagsbikes, Fast-Paced, Funny

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Made a video with the ending

Made a video featuring space

Made a video

Gameplay is really fun, reminds me a lot of Trials Fusion and those kinds of games. Motorcycle sfxs are really good, the rest however are a bit underwhelming, and are also pretty loud compared to the music. The air physics were a bit unintuitive as well. I would assume that when popping off a ledge, once my front wheel if off the ground a front flip should make me go further, while a backflip should make me go less far.

Otherwise, great game, keep up the good work.

Thank you for the feedback!! I'll look into updating the levels of the different sfx, I agree that I need to work a bit on the sound balance.

Made a new video

thanks as always!!! 🐻🏍

Always fun to play and see it change over time


Thank you for playing my game! I am sorry you encountered problems and bugs. I will fix them for the next software release. I hope you had fun :)

(From Google translate) Oyunumu oynadığın için teşekkürler! Sorunlar ve hatalarla karşılaştığınız için üzgünüm. Bir sonraki yazılım sürümü için onları düzelteceğim. Umarım eğlenmişsindir :)

I'm glad you like the video but it was still fun to play if you fix the game and write to me we can play it again later.

Yes, I will write to you when I fix the bugs and release another version! Thanks

Made a new video 


Awesome!! Thanks so much for this video, it really helps me with development. And as always I love watching you guys have a fun time. No matter how hard I try to make the game bug free, you always somehow manage to end up going over the wall boundaries and plunge into the abyss lol.

I’ll make the rail grind balancing a bit more forgiving  since it looks like you were struggling, lmk of any other suggestions. Looking forward to making some more and sharing it with you—thanks again!

Made another video


Thanks so much for this video!! I always enjoy watching you two play and make jokes.

Sorry there was less content this time around, but I am glad to see the reworked mechanics made for more enjoyable gameplay, no screen jitter, etc. I’ll try to pump out some new levels for a future release.

Thanks again, this video feedback is really useful. I’ll put your name in the credits and maybe put a spudcats Easter Egg in the game if you keep giving me these funny playtest videos as I make more. Cheers :). 

Happy you enjoyed the video again, there was less content but it was still fun to play, yeah we would be happy to see Spudcats in the credits and as an Easter egg one of these days, and just keep bugging us when you add more to the game so we can play it again later.

Made a video


Thank you so much for this video! I hope you enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed watching you two play and make jokes. I was laughing really hard at your reactions, I subscribed :)

One technical question that could help me -- I noticed a lot of jitter when you were playing, sorry about that. What is the refresh rate on your monitor?

Happy you enjoyed the video, the game was really fun and looking forward to playing more levels if your still planning on adding to it later. Also thank you for subscribing to us.

I think our monitor refresh rate is 60hz. 

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Hey, thanks for posting this gameplay video!! Glad to see you made it through the boss fight. Sorry you encountered some bugs and awkwardness, you should have been able to advance to level 2. You beat the boss fight fair and square! lol. I'll use this video as feedback to make the game better, thanks for playing. And make sure to come back when I've made more and improved it :)

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no problem..i like help dev :D

hey QUEENFAITH2020 I released a new version of bearcycle with improved mechanics and another level! Would love it if you played it and made another video :)